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Original Large Watercolor Painting, Statue of Liberty Art, New York, Lady Liberty, Justice, American Freedom, Gold Frame, ChristieMarieART

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 TITLE: "Liberty and Justice"

ART STORY: Liberty and Justice was painted as a strong 1990's comic book style super hero. In the background New York City is reflected in the harbor waters at sunset with the twin towers.

ARTIST: Christie Marie E. Russell

ART~ 23" Wide by 30" High

GOLD LEAFED FRAMED: 33 1/2" Wide by 41" High *Frame is Gold Leafed, navy and gold matting and glass.

MEDIUM: Professional Grade Watercolors on 300 lb Arches Hot Pressed Watercolor Paper

SIGNATURE~ Front: Signed 
Back: Full Signature and Dated with Mini Bio Sheet with Painting Details

COA: All of my Original painting come with their own Certificate of Authenticity signed and dated by artist.

♡All of my art and images are copyrighted © Christie Marie E. Russell (Ussher) Copyright does not transfer with the purchase of the art.

SHIPPING: To ship this large piece of art the glass will be removed from the frame and plexy glass (acrylic) wil be substituted for safe shipping. It will be safely packaged and ships with insurance. Shipping is calculated at checkout.


About the Statue of Liberty Series:

After 9/11 I was shocked by the tourist attacks on America and sought a way to express my passion and love for my country.  As an American Woman and Artist I wanted to use my gift of painting to speak up and share what I love about the U.S. I chose to do a series of paintings representing  "Liberty Enlightening the World" also known as “The Statue of Liberty”. She is a American historical piece of art that I admire and has so many aspects that I wanted to "bring to light" :) and honor. I was compelled to start a series of art pieces to explore celebrating her with some twists of artistic expression~ to show my love for her, our country and all of our beautiful, colorful people that live in and make up our U.S.A..

Each decade since she was unveiled in New York harbor in 1886 will be depicted with one painting that represents a part of that decades movements and style in American history. I will also try to represent as many ethnic diversities as I can in my paintings to celebrate the love I have for the beautiful array of people that are my fellow Americans. 


•  She is amazing and iconic in so many ways. She’s one of the largest art sculpture in the world, she was created to represent and celebrate what a free nation and liberty for all people stands for.  

•  Her real given name:     "Liberty Enlightening the World"

•  Her nick-names :    Statue of Liberty, Mother of Exiles, America’s Freedom, Lady      on a Pedestal, Mother of Freedom, Saint Liberty and Green Goddess.  

•  She was given as a gift to the U.S. from France to celebrate the end of our civil war and the American Revolution. The monument paid tribute to the perseverance of freedom and abolition of slavery in the US.

•  She is the most famous symbol representing the United States and the most visited U.S. monument. She is one of the first visions of America that millions of immigrants saw when entering the U.S. after their long voyage across the ocean to come to a “new world” and make a better life for themselves.   

•  There are many symbols incorporated in the Liberty Enlightening the World Statue.

  1. The seven spikes of her crown (or diadem) represent both the Seven Seas and          the Seven Continents.

  2. The classical appearance derived from Libertas the Ancient Roman Goddess              representing freedom from slavery, oppression and tyranny. With her right foot raised in movement she is shown moving forward to enlightenment and the end of the oppression of slavery and her left foot tramples the broken shackles of that slavery. The keystone in her hand represents knowledge, the foundation of enlightenment and on it is inscribed "July IV, MDCCLXXVI” (July 4, 1776) the date of the American Declaration of Independence. Her torch in her right hand represent enlightenment.

•  From 1886-1902, she functioned as a lighthouse and could be seen up to 24 miles away.

•  The architect who was appointed to help design structure of the statue was Gustave Eiffel. Yes, the same man who created the Eiffel Tower in France.

• The statue's face was said to be modelled on the sculptor's mother, Charlotte.

•  She was transported by ship from France in 350 pieces across the ocean and was said to have almost not made it as the ship almost sank in a storm on the way. She is one of our largest pieces of art in America.

•  The monument after it was reconstructed in America was officially unveiled in October 1886. The unveiling was met with criticism from suffrage groups complaining of how a female figure representing liberty could stand in the U.S. when American women didn’t even have the right to vote yet.

•  In 1916, the torch (which is covered in 24k gold leaf) was damaged due to an explosion during World War 1. Repair works cost an estimated $100,000 but due to the damage, the torch has remained closed to the public ever since.

• Despite the positive meaning of the statue - American independence and the abolition of slavery - African Americans saw the statue as an negative, ironic image of America; professing to be a country of freedom and justice for everyone regardless of race, despite racism and discrimination continuing to exist in America.



* I want to take her meaning back ~ to represent all Americans for the original reason she was created. Liberty of discrimination ~ whether gender, color or financial status.