Meet Artist Christie Marie Elder-Russell

Christie is an artist from South Lake Tahoe with a creative passion and respect for the epic geological beauty, gorgeous living creatures & natural mana of our wild world. Christie’s  “Aloha Aina” (Love of the Land) reverberates through her art in unique ways as she shares her deep connection with nature with her audiences through her many mediums of visual art. As a child she was influenced by her artist Grandmother to start painting in Oils and Watercolor. She did her first solo mural for her elementary school at the age of eleven. 

Christie graduated a year early from high school with college credits to start her eleven year career as professional snowboarder (1989-2000) traveling to competitions and photo shoots in Europe, Japan, Canada and the US. Christie ranked in the top five in the world in Halfpipe. She also competed in Slopestyle, Big Air and Boarder Cross. She competed in X-Games, Vans Tripple Crowns, Dew Tours, Burton U.S. Open, World Championships, Nippon Open to just name a few. During this time she started working in tattoo studios in her off season, doing digital art for logos and graphics for snowboards (including 2 of her own signature models) and apparel, airbrushing polyurethane art on cars and brushed metal and continued working with the mediums of Oils, watercolor and murals. Christie's experiences as a traveling professional snowboarder in the world of from it's beginning have immeasurably enriched her life and art, opening her eyes to the eclectic beauty of the world.

She feels so blessed to be able to share her love of our Creators energy and spirit as she sees and feels it through nature. Being a part of the ever evolving amazing people and art culture in our eclectic world is also a huge driving inspiration for her.

Christie is moving to Hawaii to start her life long dream of being a Hawaiian Artist represented by Art Galleries on the Islands and having her own working art studio. Her art studio will be available to visit as well by appointments. Summer of 2024 is when it all starts!!!  Stay tuned by signing up on the contact list to see how it all comes to fruition!


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