Artist of Earth's Mana ~ Aloha Aina

Artist Bio

Christie Marie Elder Russell

Artist of Earth’s Mana ~ Aloha Aina

 Christie Marie has her own signature way of sharing her artistic vision of nature's re-energizing vibe.

Her favorite subjects for her art are the beauty of Nature found in Hawaii and Lake Tahoe. Christie was born and raised surrounded in the rugged beauty of South Lake Tahoe California/ Nevada but also fell in love with the colorful tropical islands of Hawaii while visiting at a young age.

Christie Marie detoured from her planned art career with an eleven year opportunity to be a professional athlete in the sport of snowboarding. 1989-2000. Eight of the years she traveled to Europe, Japan, Canada, and the United States and ranked in the top eight in the world in Halfpipe. She also competed in Slopestyle, Big Air and Boarder Cross. She competed in X-Games, Vans Tripple Crowns, Dew Tours, Burton U.S. Open, World Championships, Nippon Open to just name a few. She has been featured in many magazines, movies, TV shows and newspapers for her snowboarding. Christie's experiences as a traveling professional athlete have immeasurably enriched her life and art, opening her eyes to the eclectic beauty of the world. During her snowboard career Christie took a few college art courses and did a handful of commissioned murals and paintings (one commissioned in Japan). In addition she got the pleasure of designing the graphics for two of her own Pro Signature model snowboards. In the summers from June - August Christie would teach snowboarding at a snowboard camp on the glacier of Mt. Hood Oregon. Winters on snowboard tour and In the spring and fall of those years she would return home to South Lake Tahoe and work in tattoo shops getting to create her art.

At age 28 Christie retired from professional snowboarding to start a family.

Christie Marie is skilled in a multitude of mediums; Oil on canvas, Watercolors, Graphic design and Logos, Murals, Airbrushing on brushed metal, Tattooing & Sculpting.


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