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“Welcome” Fine Art Poster Print, Tropical Pineapple art by artist © Christie Marie

Christie Marie Art

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ART TITLE: “Welcome”                ARTIST: Christie Marie Elder-Russell

 MEDIUM: Fine Art Poster Print

CHRISTIE’S ART STORY:  The Pineapple is a near-universal symbol of hospitality. But why? The Pineapple originated in Brazil and spread from there due to the movements of the Tupi Indians, who took it throughout parts of South and Central America as well as some surrounding islands. It was the Portuguese and Spanish who spread it throughout the world such as the Caribbean, Malaysia, the tropical parts of Asia, and India. In fact, it was the Spanish who eventually gave the fruit the name “pineapple” due to their appearance, as they resembled pine cones. The very concept of pineapples equating to hospitality comes from these Caribbean trips, according to the World Encyclopedia of Food. Imperial travelers would go to these remote islands, and discovered that natives who hung the fruit in front of their entrances were welcoming to strangers. The traveling Europeans took the fruit and the idea of the symbol back to Europe. Due to the rarity of the fruit it was an extravagance only the richest could afford. Pineapples were originally served only to most-honored guest and so further became a symbol of status and prestige in Europe and America. That idea was translated into pineapple images and art so that those who could not afford the fruit itself could still share the sentiment and so became a well-known addition to entrance art and architecture.  (Sorry ~ had to get a little nerdy with my back story on this one ~cause~ I love the history and cultural background of some art symbols!) *Hope you like my stylized pineapple art to add some warm welcoming / hospitality style to your space. <3 “Welcome” is part of “Pineapple Welcome” Series.

Christie used Daniel Smith paints, and Silver Paint Pen on Arches watercolor art board for the original painting. The original is unframed, as of yet and will soon be available for sale in the "Original Art" section of this site.

© All art and images are copyrighted © Christie Marie Elder-Russell Copyright does not transfer with the purchase of the art. All rights reserved by artist.

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