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"Clear Awakening" Fine Art Acrylic Print, Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe by Artist Christie Marie ©

Christie Marie Art

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TITLE: "Clear Awakening"                ARTIST: Christie Marie Elder-Russell

MEDIUM: Archival Fine Art Acrylic Print

ART STORY: Do you love the feeling of calm turquoise waters on a sunny beach day? In Lake Tahoe at a beach called Sand Harbor there are the most gorgeous, big, glacier rounded granite boulders artful placed by our creator in the waters and shore with light sand beach that is just iconic & breath taking! Look into the waters and see the light ribbons on the lake bottom and the reflections on the calm water surface. This painting can take you there.

* The original piece of art was done by Christie with Daniel Smith watercolor paints on a medium size Arches watercolor paper. "Clear Awakening original is available for sale in the “Original Art” section of this site. To find out more about Christie unique style of using Daniel Smith’s semi-precious gem stone paints to make the waters shimmer and disappear in her original painting, check out her original "Clear Awakening".

© All art and images are copyrighted © Christie Marie Elder-Russell Copyright does not transfer with the purchase of the art. All rights reserved by artist.

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