Sierra Mountain Celestial Stars by Christie Marie ©

SOLD Night Stars in mountain pine forest Watercolor Art Sierra Mountain Celestial Christie Marie E Russell ©


TITLE: "Sierra Mountain Celestial Series, #3"

Artist: Christie Marie Elder-Russell

MEDIUM: Watercolor


Art Story~ I grew up in Lake Tahoe which to me is a vary sacred place. As a kid I loved to sleep on our back porch almost every night in the summer with my dog Max. I would love to explore the starry heavens and the deep silhouettes of the forest trees every night and day dream (night dream?) ;). Looking up at night into the starry night sky always reminds me that life is a mystery and I am a part of the Great Creators grand design~ Empowering and humbling! No matter what is going on in my life, getting to see the stars like this brings me a feeling great Peace. *:)


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