Christie Marie's Bio

       Christie Marie E. Russell





Christie was born and raised in South Lake Tahoe California/ Nevada. Christie's grandmother was her inspiration as an artist growing up and with her passion for the arts she knew she was created to be an artist.

Christie however took a different career path for the first 11 years out of high school... as a professional snowboarder. It was an opportunity Christie knew she couldn't pass up with getting to travel the world, meet people and learn about business. While snowboarding on tour in the winters, training and coaching in the summers on the glacier in Mt Hood, Oregon and tattooing in shops in South Lake Tahoe in the Spring and fall Christie never lost site of her goal to be a professional fine artist.

During Christie's eleven year career as a professional snowboarder (1989-2000). Eight of the years she traveled all over Europe, Japan, Canada, and the United States and consistently ranked within the top eight in the World in Halfpipe and Slopestyle. Christie did a few murals, paintings (one commissioned in Japan), logos and got the pleasure of designing her own graphics for two of her Pro Signature model snowboards during her snowboard career. Christie’s snowboarding media pictures and articles were published in European, Japanese and American Magazines (even Vogue magazine), in 4 snowboarding movies, on FOX, ESPN, and many other TV stations around the world covering professional events and in countless newspapers around the world. She was a competitor in all the first snowboarding XGames, Dew Tours, World Cup, World Championships and cutting edge snowboarding events of her time. At the age of 27 she retired to start a family. In 2014 Christie Marie Elder was inducted into the World Legends Hall of Fame for Snowboarding.

Christie loves to get out in nature in lots of sports. In the winter Christie snowboards and worksout and Silver Strike Crossfit. In the summers Christie enjoys wakesurfing, wakeboarding, hiking, paddleboarding, mountainbiking and camping and plans to continue her cross training with Crossfit.

Some of Christie's favorite mediums of art are Oils, Watercolors, Large Murals, Airbrushing candy polyurethane's on brushed metal (or cars), Silk Painting, Sculpting, tattooing, photography and… cooking. :) Her art is published on novel book covers, printed as graphics for a children’s book, and been published in news papers, magazines, clothing, snowboards, kitchen ware, the web and more. She has also been featured on radio and television for her incredible talents in art. In addition she has donated her time to the creation of four large murals. Painting one in South Lake Tahoe, Ca for the Sierra Recovery Center, and three in Carson City, NV one for St. Theresa of Avila Church, one for Seeliger Elementary School, and one for a Crossfit Gym. She has also donated her time to teach art demo's at two elementary schools in Carson City, NV.

Christie has her own signature way of painting Nature and it’s empowering energy! Christie feels her deepest connection to our creator and her faith through nature. Christie's favorite element is water which shows up inspirationally in all it's forms throughout her art. She also feels that Lake Tahoe and Hawaii have a spiritual connection that is Yin Yang in climate, but a parallel in energy. The love for the beauty and healing spirits of nature are both deeply rooted in Christie’s soul and art.

Christie Marie is analytical, creative and has a competitive drive to be her best in the things she does.

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